Project Real-Time Middleware Distributed Scheduling Service
Description This project is developing a Distributed Scheduling Service (DSS) for real-time middleware. The DSS uses global information available in the middleware to make scheduling decisions that are optimized across the distributed system. The DSS will use classic real-time distributed scheduling algorithms, and new algorithms that we are developing, to assign scheduling parameters to local schedulers and to do overload management. The DSS will share data and coordinate algorithms with other real-time services, such as the RT Trader Service, and RT Event Service, to help achieve consistent real-time enforcement in the middleware. One prominent local enforcement target for the DSS is the pluggable schedulers of a Real-Time CORBA 2.0 ORB.
Status Current    
Kevin Bryan  
Matthew Murphy  
Wallace JY Zhang  
Lisa DiPippo  
Victor Fay-Wolfe