Project Real-time middleware Binding Service (built in the CORBA Trader Service)
Description The Real-Time Binding Service is built within the standard CORBA Trader Service interface. The RT Binding Service binds clients to CORBA objects based on real-time criteria. It is particularly useful when there are more than one CORBA object in the distributed system that can satisfy the client request - and the choice of binding can impact the ability of clients and servers to meet their timing constraints. The RT Trader is designed to work in conjunction with either the URI Static RT CORBA 1.0 Scheduling Service, or the URI Distributed Scheduling Service to ensure that the assumptions used to make the binding decision is consistent with subsequent scheduling decisions.
Status Complete Summer 2003; dynamic version current    
Lisa DiPippo dipippo@cs.uri.edu  
Shaun Joseph snjoseph@gmail.com  
Kevin Bryan bryank@cs.uri.edu  
Victor Fay-Wolfe wolfe@cs.uri.edu  

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