Project Metrics and experimental platforms for real-time distributed object computing
Description The common metrics project is providing a common test bed and set of experiments and metrics with which to compare distributed real-time technology. This is being done as part of the DARPA PCES project under the direction of BBN. The idea is for all of the organizations developing real-time technology in the PCES program to have a common test bed, set of experiments, and metrics format to compare results. The common test application is an open source version of an Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV) simulation. The common test bed is the University of Utah Emulab (www.emulab.net), which is a shared facility accessible via the Internet. The common Experiments and Metrics are agreed upon by the participating organizations. A description of the common metrics and experiments is provided at: http://rtdoc.cs.uri.edu/pces_metrics/index.php
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