Publication Name Modeling Real-Time Queries in Sensor Networks  
Publication Type Conference Proceeding  
Publication Date April, 2006  
Bibliography Entry Lisa DiPippo, Victor Fay-Wolfe, David Tucker, Kevin L Bryan, Tiegeng Ren, William Day, Matthew Murphy, Tim Henry, Modeling Real-Time Queries in Sensor Networks, Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN 2006), Nashville, April 2006.  
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Abstract - This paper describes a medium access control protocol for wireless sensor networks designed for broadcast communication. The RI-MAC (Random Interference Medium Access Control) protocol uses random slot assignment in each MAC frame, along with knowledge of neighbors' transmission schedules to mitigate some of the energy wasting problems with existing MAC protocols. RI-MAC conserves energy, transmits messages fairly among the nodes in the system, and is adaptive to changes in the topology. Preliminary evaluation tests indicate that RI-MAC uses less energy than CSMA.
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Wireless Sensor Networks

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