Publication Name > A Real-Time Multi-Agent System Architecture for E-Commerce Applications  
Publication Type Technical Report  
Publication Date December, 2000  
Bibliography Entry L. C. DiPippo, V. F. Wolfe, L. Nair, E. Hodys, O. Uvarov, A Real-Time Multi-Agent System Architecture for E-Commerce Applications, University of Rhode Island, Technical Report, TR00-280, Dec. 2000  
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This paper describes an architecture for real-time multi-agent systems (RTMAS) that builds upon an existing real-time CORBA architecture. The RTMAS architecture provides real-time agent services for real-time agent communication, real-time agent scheduling and real-time agent facilitation. These services work together to allow for the expression and enforcement of real-time agent interactions. The paper describes the design of these services, along with a prototype implementation of the RTMAS architecture that is based upon an existing agent communication implementation. A shorter version of this paper will appear in the Proceedings of the The Fifth International Symposium on Autonomous Decentralized Systems, March 2001
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