Publication Name Scheduling and Priority Mapping for Static Real-Time Middleware  
Publication Type Technical Report  
Publication Date September, 1998  
Bibliography Entry L. DiPippo, V. F. Wolfe, L. Esibov, G. Cooper, R. Johnston, B. Thuraisingham, J. Mauer, Scheduling and Priority Mapping for Static Real-Time Middleware, University of Rhode Island, Technical Report, TR98-261, Sept. 1998  
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This paper presents a middleware real-time scheduling technique for static, distributed, real-time applications. The technique uses global deadline monotonic priority assignment to clients and the Distributed Priority Ceiling protocol to provide concurrency control and priorities for server execution. The paper presents a new algorithm for mapping the potentially large number of unique global priorities required by this scheduling technique to the restricted set of priorities provided by commercial real-time operating systems. A version of the paper appeared in Real-Time Systems Journal, 20, 155-182, 2001
Lisa DiPippo dipippo@cs.uri.edu
Victor Fay-Wolfe wolfe@cs.uri.edu
Static Real-Time CORBA 1.0 Scheduling Service

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