Project Model-integrated computing for real-time distributed object computing
Description The model integrated computing project seeks to mitigate the complexity of developing distributed real-time systems by using graphic model-based tools to facilitate the creation and use of real-time middleware. The current project uses modeling tools such as GME from Vanderbilt University and a VEST from the University of Virginia for application modeling. We extend these tools with the ability to derive real-time system characteristics (e.g. whether is completely periodic or not, whether it is hard real-time or not, etc); and from this generate the appropriate algorithms for middleware services. The project also is investigating the use of real-time modeling tools, such as RapidRMA from Tri-Pacific Software and TimeWhiz from TimeSys to determine scheduleability and scheduling parameters for the services. The project also uses Aspect-Oriented Programming to isolate real-time enforcement, in the form of interaction with the real-time middleware services we are developing, as a cross-cutting concern and then integrate this into the application using code generation from the model.
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