Publication Name Integrated CORBA Scheduling and Resource Management for Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems  
Publication Type Conference Proceeding  
Publication Date March, 2005  
Bibliography Entry K. Bryan, L. DiPippo, V. Fay-Wolfe, M. Murphy, J. Zhang, D. Fleeman, D. Juedes, C. Liu, L. Welch, D. Niehaus, C. Gill, Integrated CORBA Scheduling and Resource Management for Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems, Proceedings of the 11th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium, San Francisco, CA, March 2005.  
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Integration of middleware scheduling and resource management services enables open distribusted real-time embedded (DRE) applications to meet end-to-end quality of service (QoS) requirements in highly variable operating environments. This paper describes our research on integrating CORBA scheduling and resource management services, and presents experiments we conducted to validate and quantify the benefits of this integration.

Our experimental results show that integrating distributed scheduling and resouce management in middleware for open DRE systems can offer significant improvements in predicability. Specifically, integrating our stand-alone resource management service with a previously unmanaged experimental baseline application reduced the ratio of missed deadlines from 26% to 10%, and the same application performed even better under the control of integrated scheduling and resource management services, with a missed deadline ratio of only 1%.
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