Publication Name A Replication Strategy for Distributed Real-Time Object-Oriented Databases  
Publication Type Technical Report  
Publication Date April, 2002  
Bibliography Entry P. Peddi and L. DiPippo, A Replication Strategy for Distributed Real-Time Object-Oriented Databases, University Of Rhode Island, TR02-284, April 2002  
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This paper describes a replication algorithm for distributed real-time object-oriented databases in a static environment. All data requirements are specified a priori, and the algorithm creates replication transactions that copy remote data to a local site in order to guarantee that every data request reads temporally valid data. The algorithm conditions are proven to be necessary and sufficient for providing this guarantee. Test results indicate that under most conditions, this replication strategy is better than total replication, which is a typical strategy used in distributed databases. A version of this paper will appear in the Proceedings of The 5th IEEE International Symposium on Object-oriented Real-time distributed Computing, Washington, D.C., April 2002
Lisa DiPippo dipippo@cs.uri.edu
Victor Fay-Wolfe wolfe@cs.uri.edu
Real-time data distribution in distributed object middleware

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