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Name Angela Uvarov
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Real-time data distribution in distributed object middleware
A. Uvarov, L. DiPippo, V. Fay-Wolfe, K. Bryan, P. Gadrow, T. Henry, M. Murphy, P. Work, L. DiPalma, Static Real-Time Data Distribution, Proceedings of the 10th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium, Toronto, Canada, May 2004, pp. 502-509. Portable Download Format
Lisa DiPippo, Victor Fay-Wolfe, Oleg Uvarov, Angela Uvarov, Trudy Morgan, Global Scheduling and Binding in a Real-Time Embedded Distributed System, Proceedings of the Real-Time & Embedded DOC Workshop 2002, July 2002 Portable Download Format

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