Publication Name Static Real-Time Data Distribution  
Publication Type Conference Proceeding  
Publication Date May, 2004  
Bibliography Entry A. Uvarov, L. DiPippo, V. Fay-Wolfe, K. Bryan, P. Gadrow, T. Henry, M. Murphy, P. Work, L. DiPalma, Static Real-Time Data Distribution, Proceedings of the 10th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium, Toronto, Canada, May 2004, pp. 502-509.  
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This paper describes the design and implementation of a static real-time data distribution mechanism that uses a real-time event service and a real-time scheduling service to ensure the on-time, and temporarily valid delivery of data. The mechanism implements an algorithm, called the Just-In-Time Data Distributioin algorithm to determine scheduling parameters that will ensure that data that arrives at a requesting target is valid. The paper uses a Navy weapons alignment application to demonstrate the necessity and usefulness of the algorithm and implementation. The paper also presents the results of tests that demonstrate that our implementation fulfills the guarantees predicted by theoretical results.
Angela Uvarov uvarovaa@cs.rui.edu
Lisa DiPippo dipippo@cs.uri.edu
Kevin Bryan bryank@cs.uri.edu
Timothy Henry tmh@cs.uri.edu
Matthew Murphy murphym@cs.uri.edu
Victor Fay-Wolfe wolfe@cs.uri.edu
Real-time data distribution in distributed object middleware

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